Manufacturing plants rely heavily on computerized industrial processes that are highly sensitive to power fluctuations. They also utilize variable frequency drives, electric motors, and other types of heavy production equipment that contribute to a harsh electrical environment.
Power Management Systems can recommend the right power conditioning or battery back-up solutions for PLCs, SCADA, CNC’s, Industrial Printers, 3D Printers, Industrial Automation, and other sensitive critical processes to ensure continued operation.

Staco Unistar VP Series

6 and 10kVA Rack Mount Single Phase UPS

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Staco Firstline XD

10 to 40kVA Three-Phase Input/Single-Phase Output Industrial, Double-Conversion, On-Line UPS

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Reactive Power and Harmonic Compensation

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Eaton FERRUPS FE Series 60 Hz

Eaton® FERRUPS® uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) furnish unmatched reliability in configurable power protection for computers and telecommunications equipment. Patented ferroresonant technology delivers “bulletproof” power protection, overcoming spikes, sags, surges, noise, and lightning. Eaton’s exclusive SineSense provides clean, reliable power while conserving batteries during blackouts.

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StacoSine Plus

NEW StacoSine Plus, 208-480VAC, 25-300 amps

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LEA International SP Plus

Compact Design Surge Protection Device for Installation on Service and Branch Panels

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