Controlled Power

Controlled Power ULTRA-K Series 600K-he (5kVA-500kVA)

High Efficiency K-Rated Power Conditioning Transformers.  Meets and exceeds DOE 2016 Minimum Efficiency Standards!

Subjecting commercial and industrial electrical systems to a harsh, “polluted” electrical environment increases downtime, maintenance costs, and lost productivity.  Maintaining spike-free voltage and keeping electrical noise away from sensitive digital circuitry controls, increases the reliability of electronic equipment, contributes to the overall integrity of data, and enhances workflow and productivity.

Controlled Power UltraLite Model ELC

The inverter technology in our UltraLITE, Model ELC effectively maintains critical equipment with extended brownout protection, tight
voltage regulation, and power conditioning. Tight voltage regulation assures that facility egress lumens are maintained 100% at emergency
lighting fixtures, in all modes of operation, and also extends ballast and lamp life.

Controlled Power Series 700F Power Processor

Controlled Power Company’s front access Series 700F Power Processor is a solid-state, automatic voltage regulator which guards against
both high and low voltage conditions. The Series 700F easily corrects wide input voltage deviations to well within the safe operating limits for information technology equipment as recommended by CBEMA and ITIC. The power protection that the Series 700F delivers, meets the IEEE and ANSI standards that define power anomalies, occurrences, and their impact on operations.

Controlled Power UltraLite Model ELU

Meeting the NFPA 101 and NFPA 111 standards, the “UltraLITE Model ELU” is considered “Life Safety Equipment”. The “UltraLITE” is also UL 924 listed, providing the required 90 minutes of emergency backup power, and is 100% compatible with all lighting applications and building security systems. This unit provides uninterrupted, regulated, continuous sinewave output for use with “normally on” lighting fixtures and exit lamps, as well as standby output for use with “normally off” emergency lighting fixtures. It is also generator-compatible. The “UltraLITE’s” voltage regulation and performance characteristics make it an advantageous choice over competing lighting inverters. Available in 1.5kW to 14kW single phase sizes, the “UltraLITE” is ideal for schools, arenas, subways, parking structures, hospitals, airport terminals, and many other similar applications.

Controlled Power Model LTN-3R

Many of today’s indoor / outdoor UPS systems are a commercial grade standby power supply in a NEMA 2 / NEMA 3R enclosure. These designs offer no real power line conditioning, isolation, or meaningful voltage regulation. Many offer only ± 10% voltage regulation and have a 5 millisecond break in power when transferring to or from battery backup.

Controlled Power MedPoweRx

The MedPoweRx UPS – Patient Vicinity Series, Model LT/M is a single phase, seamless transfer, UL 60601-1 listed, UPS for use with patient vicinity medical equipment such as: fluoroscopy, patient monitors, ultrasound and other critical medical equipment. The MedPoweRx not only protects sensitive medical equipment from power outages, but it also regulates voltage, attenuates harmonics, and eliminates line and ground noise.