Controlled Power

Controlled Power LT Series

The LT Series is a single phase, seamless transfer, uninterruptible power supply. This product provides premium power to various types of loads, including industrial and information technology. The overall function of the LT is to take polluted, fluctuating, and erratic electrical power and purify it or replace it (as in a blackout), with well-regulated, clean, computer-grade power.

Controlled Power HV Series

The overall function of the HV Series UPS is to take polluted, fluctuating, and erratic electrical power that exists in all areas today and purify or replace it (in the case of complete power outages) with well-regulated, computer grade power. The HV Series UPS’s maintain electrical power to the critical load for approximately 10 minutes to several hours. The backup time is a function of the amount of battery reserve that is purchased with the system

Controlled Power SwitchLITE Model EZT

The SwitchLITE Model EZT is UL 1008 Listed (Emergency Zone Transfer Cabinet) and designed to automatically transfer 4, 6, or 8 individual 20-amp branch circuits to emergency power when normal power fails and then back to normal power once it has been restored. Upon transfer to emergency power, lighting fixtures that are dimmed (or off) are brought to full illumination to provide safe egress. The Model EZT is ideal for use in dimmer rack applications, together with a (Controlled Power Company) emergency lighting inverter or the facility’s standby generator as the emergency power source.

Controlled Power Series 800A Commercial Power Purifier

The Series 800A Power Purifier takes polluted, fluctuating, and erratic electrical power that exists in all areas today, and purifies it for sensitive electronic equipment. The Series 800A Power Purifier is ideal for commercial power distribution situations. In addition to the problem of electrical power disturbances, there is often the question of how to effectively and efficiently distribute electrical power at a given installation. Typically, a commercial environment (offices, facilities, etc.) is in a state of perpetual change. When computers and peripherals are added, eliminated, or relocated, the power distribution equipment must be capable of adapting to these changing conditions. The Series 800A Power Purifier is also ideal for medical applications requiring an isolated power source with low leakage current to ground characteristics.

Controlled Power Series 700A Power Processor

The Power Processor is an electronic, microprocessor-controlled tap switching voltage regulator/power conditioner, which consists of an all-copper, multiple-tapped, triple-shielded isolation transformer. In conjunction with the electrostatic shields, the low output impedance of the transformer assures computer-grade performance with excellent noise and transient attenuation. For each of the 7 taps per phase, independently controlled inverse parallel electronic switches provide tight voltage regulation to +/- 2.5%. Digital processing provides fast, accurate regulation to within 1 cycle, without over- or under-shoot.

Controlled Power Industrial Power Purifier Series 800PI / 800P2

The Power Purifier is a double magnetic conversion, line-interactive, power conditioner. This state of the art technology provides assured reliability with tight regulation and true power conditioning properties. The Power Purifier is ideal in any electrical environment, especially in industrial factory automation applications whenever high-power equipment interferes with vulnerable electronic controls. The
Power Purifier delivers isolated, regulated, transient and noise free sinewave power; securing operational reliability.