Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch

The Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch is the world’s smallest and most efficient zero-U automatic transfer switch based on unique patent(s) pending technology. It enables more reliable power delivery and highly efficient power distribution methodologies, based on its unique technologies, features and price point.

Zonit Power Distribution System

The Zonit zPDS is a rack mount power distribution system that eliminates the ongoing cost of changes to power distribution in equipment racks. The zPDS works well with all commonly used power distribution methods, such as traditional EMT conduit, raceways and busway systems. It balances three-phase power delivery from any of these sources and reduces the possibility of failure when branch circuits are overloaded. It also enables unique patent pending build-out methods using pre-fabricated components that can save up to 50% of the electrical build-out cost when building or renovating a data center.