Controlled Power Series 700A Power Processor

Controlled Power Series 700A Power Processor

5KVA to 25KVA Single Phase & 10KVA - 1MVA 3 Phase models.

The Power Processor is an electronic, microprocessor-controlled tap switching voltage regulator/power conditioner, which consists of an all-copper, multiple-tapped, triple-shielded isolation transformer. In conjunction with the electrostatic shields, the low output impedance of the transformer assures computer-grade performance with excellent noise and transient attenuation. For each of the 7 taps per phase, independently controlled inverse parallel electronic switches provide tight voltage regulation to +/- 2.5%. Digital processing provides fast, accurate regulation to within 1 cycle, without over- or under-shoot.

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    • Single and three phase models
    • Tight voltage regulation
    • All copper wound galvanic isolation
    • Low output impedance
    • 7-tap system
    • High efficiency
    • True "current zero crossing" switching
    • Low power factor compatibility
    • Immune to high harmonic content loads
    • High common mode noise attenuation
    • Voltage correction within 1 cycle
    • Low operating temperature
    • Spike and transient protection
    • Available electrical metering
    • High overload capability
    • Optional extended input voltage window
    • PM2020 Three Phase Output Monitor
    • AOM2020 Three Phase Advanced Output Monitor
    • RBS2020 Regulator Bypass Switch
    • ERR1040 Extended Regulator Range
    • UOV2020 Under / Over Voltage Shutoff
    • PSO2020 Under / Over Voltage Shutdown
    • REP2020 Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
    • STC2020 Shunt Trip

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