Controlled Power UltraLite Model ELC

Controlled Power UltraLite Model ELC

Compact Centralized Emergency Lighting Inverters

The inverter technology in our UltraLITE, Model ELC effectively maintains critical equipment with extended brownout protection, tight
voltage regulation, and power conditioning. Tight voltage regulation assures that facility egress lumens are maintained 100% at emergency
lighting fixtures, in all modes of operation, and also extends ballast and lamp life.

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    • Standby output for use with “normally off” emergency lighting fixtures.
    • High-speed automatic static bypass.
    • Manual bypass switch.
    • Advanced DSP control used for enhanced performance, accuracy, and system reliability.
    • Compact, front access design, featuring one of the smallest cabinet footprints in the industry.
    • Standard NEMA 2 drip-proof enclosure.
    • Generator-compatible.
    • Inverter electronics designed for use at 0º to 40º C.
    • 4-stage, temperature-compensated battery charger for increased battery life.
    • An industry-leading battery recharge time of 24 hours or better.

Controlled Power

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