Controlled Power Series 700F Power Processor

Controlled Power Series 700F Power Processor

Front Access Power Conditioning Voltage Regulator

Controlled Power Company’s front access Series 700F Power Processor is a solid-state, automatic voltage regulator which guards against
both high and low voltage conditions. The Series 700F easily corrects wide input voltage deviations to well within the safe operating limits for information technology equipment as recommended by CBEMA and ITIC. The power protection that the Series 700F delivers, meets the IEEE and ANSI standards that define power anomalies, occurrences, and their impact on operations.

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    • Front access only! no side or rear access required.
    • Precisely maintains correct voltage to ± 3% within one cycle
    • and maintains regulation during extended brownouts.
    • Triple-shielded isolation transformer provides a noise-free ground, attenuates voltage spikes and transients, and re-establishes the N-G bond.
    • Internal manual bypass option maintains system isolation, voltage transformation, and power conditioning.
    • Superior compatibility with dynamic loads.
    • Increased surge capability, without the need for automatic bypassing, provides full-time power conditioning.
    • High-efficiency design results in lower operating cost.
    • Extended Regulator Range
    • Input Out-of-Range Indicators
    • Output Under / Over Voltage Shutoff
    • Output Under / Over Voltage And Loss Of Power Trip
    • Regulator Bypass Switch
    • Main Output Circuit Breakers
    • Casters
    • Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
    • Shark100V4 Digital Meter
    • Shark200V4 Digital Meter
    • Shark200V6 Digital Meter With Power Quality Monitoring

Controlled Power

Controlled Power manufactures a wide range of power quality equipment for regulating, conditioning, isolating, purifying and distributing electrical power. They have maintained leadership in the power conditioning and UPS industry by listening and responding to their customers needs. Controlled Power is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products and providing superior customer support.