Controlled Power LT Series

Controlled Power LT Series

400VA to 2.1kVA, Single Phase UPS

The LT Series is a single phase, seamless transfer, uninterruptible power supply. This product provides premium power to various types of loads, including industrial and information technology. The overall function of the LT is to take polluted, fluctuating, and erratic electrical power and purify it or replace it (as in a blackout), with well-regulated, clean, computer-grade power.

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    • Voltage regulation: +/- 3%
    • Load regulation: typically better than +/- 3%
    • Overload capability: 125% for 10 min
    • Surge capability: 150% of rated output
    • Input operating range: +10 to -40% (typical)
    • Input current THD: < 5%
    • K-Factor: 30 or better
    • Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
    • Common mode noise attenuation: 120dB
    • Transverse mode (line) noise attenuation: 70dB
    • Spike attenuation: 3000:1
    • Crest factor: 3.5:1

Controlled Power

Controlled Power manufactures a wide range of power quality equipment for regulating, conditioning, isolating, purifying and distributing electrical power. They have maintained leadership in the power conditioning and UPS industry by listening and responding to their customers needs. Controlled Power is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products and providing superior customer support.