Controlled Power Model LTN-3R

Controlled Power Model LTN-3R

Uninterruptible Power System for Harsh Indoor/Outdoor Environments

Many of today’s indoor / outdoor UPS systems are a commercial grade standby power supply in a NEMA 2 / NEMA 3R enclosure. These designs offer no real power line conditioning, isolation, or meaningful voltage regulation. Many offer only ± 10% voltage regulation and have a 5 millisecond break in power when transferring to or from battery backup.

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    • NEMA 3R raintight enclosure design
    • Input and output main circuit breakers
    • Make-before-break maintenance bypass switch
    • Standard 8.5 amp accelerated, temperature-compensated battery charger
    • Elastomeric insulation prevents condensation and internal moisture
    • Internal status and alarm panel, with optional viewing window
    • Conformal coated circuit boards
    • Keyed door latches
    • Operational heater and thermostat
    • No break, regulated, continuous sinewave output
    • Internal battery options providing extended runtimes from 30 minutes to 9.5 hours at full load
    • Front access design
    • Remote communications via alarm signals or RS232
    • Optional NetMinder remote monitoring via Ethernet, TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP, or MODBUS RS485

Controlled Power

Controlled Power manufactures a wide range of power quality equipment for regulating, conditioning, isolating, purifying and distributing electrical power. They have maintained leadership in the power conditioning and UPS industry by listening and responding to their customers needs. Controlled Power is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products and providing superior customer support.