SPS SAFE – Stored and Fully Energized

SPS SAFE – Stored and Fully Energized

SPS SAFE - Stored and Fully Energized

Stationary Power System’s SAFE (Stored and Fully Energized) Cabinet System is the smart solution for rapid response to battery failure.  With the fail-safe SAFE, precious downtime is reduced to just minutes with this portable, self-monitoring, float-charged battery backup, cabinet system.

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    • Built in battery monitoring control panel guarantees fully-charged replacement batteries
    • Rolling work station reduces labor costs, OSHA violations and heavy lifting injuries
    • Control handle for steering case
    • Standard computer style interface 10ft line cord
    • AC in-line fuse
    • DC Charger output indicator light
    • Various AH batteries may be stored in the same cabinet
    • Cabinet houses 6V, 12V and front terminal batteries
    • Dual front cabinet door designed to be opened in narrow aisle space (18")
    • Will operate at 120V
    • Reliability
    • Workbench
    • Portability

Stationary Power Systems

Stationary Power Systems is the largest independently owned battery distribution company in the nation.