Reactive Power and Harmonic Compensation

The microprocessor based power factor controller intuitively manages and performs a variety of functions while regulating the multi-step capacitor systems. Fast, accurate and reliable measurements are provided and displayed for power factor, line voltage, line current, active power, reactive power, C.T. current crest factor, number of operations (output relays), number of alarm conditions, internal enclosure temperature (area around the PF controller), and the number of steps operating.

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    • Decreases electric utility costs, saves lost productivity, reduces equipment failure, and minimizes downtime
    • Short term payback of initial investment, with long term savings
    • When installed, improves power factor, increases kVA capacity and efficiency of present electrical distribution system
    • NEMA 1 formed steel enclosure, with bottom or top entry access
    • Compact, economical design allows for maximum kVAR in a small footprint
    • Modular design allows for future expansion, match and line
    • Removable lifting lugs, non-corrosive hardware
    • Electrical grade copper bus bar, Brite Nickel PlatedĀ®
    • Three phase power capacitors with 25, 50, 100 and 200 kVAR steps, with other sizes also available
    • Standard capacitors rated for up to 10% THD. Detuned applications use higher voltage ratings for even more protection
    • Current limiting type fuses rated at 200kaic, three-phase fault protection
    • Circuit breaker, molded case switch
    • Non-standard capacitors or reactors
    • Unity power factor correction requirement
    • TVSS, surge protection
    • Current transformer, split core type, multi-ratio
    • NEMA12, NEMA 3R or other type enclosures

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