LEA International

LEA International SP Plus

The SP Plus provides all mode system protection and integrity for critical applications. A compact design listed to UL 1449 3rd Edition with robust surge capacity for long life and easy installation makes this unit ideal for all your surge protection requirements.

LEA International SP 50 series

The SP 50 is our most cost effective UL 1449 3rd Edition listed surge protection device (SPD). It is designed for installation on panelboards and provides 50kA surge current capacity per phase. Thermally coordinated MOV technology provides robust, reliable protection for sensitive loads.

LEA International LS Plus

The LS Plus is a compact modular surge protection device. This unit is listed UL 1449 3rd Edition using thermal protection to maintain performance ratings. The LS Plus is designed to be installed quickly and serviced easily to eliminate downtime. A robust surge capacity up to 300kA and fully loaded diagnostics package make this a versatile SPD for any application.

LEA International – PV Plus

The PowerVantageâ„¢ PV Plus is a per mode modular surge suppression unit with all modes of protection listed to UL 1449 3rd Edition and designed with robust surge capacity for long life. The PV Plus is engineered for easy installation and serviceability to eliminate downtime and protect your critical equipment.