Staco FirstLine P

Staco FirstLine P

Three-Phase Double-Conversion On-Line UPS

In the event of an AC power failure, the FirstLine® P UPS will automatically transfer to battery power and continue to provide power without any interruption for the full amount of time you select. When power returns, the FirstLine® P UPS will automatically recharge the batteries for the next unexpected power outage or disturbance.

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    • Three phase on-line double conversion topology
    • IGBT and digital signal processor
    • Up to 98% efficient
    • Dual input
    • Configured for 480 Volts, input/output (see options below)
    • Battery care system to optimize battery performance
    • Internal static and maintenance bypasses
    • Menu select display is easy to use
    • Parallel up to 8 units for redundancy for critical loads
    • 2 year standard on-site warranty
    • Local service available
    • Extended battery runtimes
    • External maintenance bypass
    • Lineup and match output power distribution unit
    • Output isolation transformer
    • 208 volts input and/or output
    • Battery monitoring
    • Harsh environment enclosure
    • Seismic withstand certification
    • Optional SNMP, MODBUS/JBUS, and serial/USB communication

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