Controlled Power eLITE Series Model ELN

Controlled Power eLITE Series Model ELN

550kW to 1500kW Single Phase Lighting Inverter

True no-break system, designed for LED, HID, incandescent, halogen, and quartz lighting applications. PFC electronic driver / ballast loading up to 50% of the rated output.

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    • NEMA2 enclosure
    • Optional NEMA 3R enclosure with environmental control
    • National electric code compliant
    • NFPA Life Safety code compliant
    • Self contained batteries, maximizes floor space
    • Centralized system, significantly reduces man-hours required for monthly testing
    • Normally on and optional normally off buss with programmable on - off timers
    • Significantly reduces vandalism potential. (Prisons, Schools, Dormitories)
    • No mechanical or moving parts
    • Seamless transfer, compatible with all lighting fixtures including HID
    • Delivers highly filtered, regulated and spike free power to Life Safety devices
    • 24/7 emergency service hotline
    • Factory authorized service organizations throughout the United States and Canada
    • Full galvanic isolation

Controlled Power

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